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Hetalia: America x Reader fic


Thunder rumbled, shaking your entire house and causing you to stiffen. Stupid weather... you couldn't believe it. Why did it have to rain on Halloween night?!

"So much for trick-or-treaters..." you sighed sadly, looking at the large bowl of candy on the table. Your mom and dad had left earlier for a Halloween party, so you told them that you would distribute the candy. You never cared for trick-or-treating anyway. You then looked at yourself in the mirror. You had even put on a costume for the kids. It was a witch costume that you had worn for a couple years now, but you didn't mind. You could hear the rain beating down on your house.

"I guess I can call it a night..." you said to yourself. Suddenly, there was a loud rapping on your front door, making you jump. That couldn't be a trick-or-treater, right?! A person would have to be crazy to be out in this weather!


You face-palmed. Yep... Alfred definitely counts as crazy. You rushed to open the door and Alfred wrapped you in a wet, bone-crushing hug before you even got a chance to look at his face.




"But you're warm…"

"And I'd like to keep it that way," you mumbled. Alfred slowly let you go, and stepped back. He took off his wet jacket to reveal that he was wearing a suit. You blinked. A suit? Alfred hates suits. "What are you wearing?"

"Can't you recognize a hero when you see one?" he asked, opening the front of his suit to reveal a Superman t-shirt. You suppressed a laugh.

"Should I call you Clark?"

"Only if I can call you Lois…"

You blushed, but tried to shake it off. Alfred was one of your oldest, closest friends... at least, you kept telling yourself that. Though over the years, you started developing different feelings. Alfred had grown up and so had you, but there was no way he liked you like that, right? He only considers you a friend, right?! "Why on earth did you come over, Alfred? It's awful outside… you could catch pneumonia!"

"I couldn't let my best friend stay home by herself on Halloween! Besides, a little rain is nothing! I never get sick!"

You rolled your eyes. "You do know that you're not really Superman, right?" you mumbled to the floor.

"Maybe..." said Alfred as he stepped closer to you, making you look up at him and you realized just how close he was. "But even if I'm not, I'll always come to your rescue, __________," he said, his hand brushing a piece of stray hair out of your face. "Man, I really did get you wet, didn't I?"

WHAT?! That's when you realized that he was talking about your costume. Of course he was talking about your costume, you perv! What were you thinking?!

"Yeah, you did... I'm gonna go change before I start to freeze," you said, beginning to feel the water soak through your costume.

"I'm sorry... it's a shame. You look so cute as a little witch!" he teased, only sending more blood to your cheeks.

"Idiot... I'm not cute," you mumbled. You hurried to your room. Well, this was unexpected. Why did Alfred just decide to show up? And why was he acting so... flirty?! You began to change, trying to take your mind off of things. You put on your favorite pair of comfy clothes. Was Alfred doing this on purpose? you wondered. Was he teasing you, knowing it would make you flustered?! Well, two can play at that game, you smirked.

When you returned to the living room, the TV was on, and Alfred was on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a blanket. He had taken off his suit, now wearing the Superman t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. "You're just in time! I brought some scary movies for us to watch!" he exclaimed. You sighed. You were used to scary movie nights with Alfred. They always started off fine, but they usually ended with Alfred clinging to a pillow for dear life. Thunder crackled outside once more, making you jump. "Already scared, huh?" Alfred smirked.

"Of course not!" you replied, sitting down next to Alfred and huddling under the blanket. He put his arm around you, another weird move. But instead of panicking, you cuddled into him, equally catching him by surprise. How do you like that, Alfred? Only, your plan began to backfire as you realized just how nice it felt to be in Alfred's grasp. He was so warm, and his arms were so— NO. Stop it, you scolded at yourself.

"Let's get this movie started!" Alfred exclaimed, pressing play. The movie began. It was called Revenge of the Werewolf Zombies 3. This wasn't gonna end well... you already knew his answer, but you had to ask.

"Are you sure you wanna watch this? I mean, I know that scary movies always—" He put his hand up to your lips.

"Finish that sentence... and you don't get any popcorn," he said, pushing a piece of popcorn against your lips, which you let him pop in and you chewed slowly. "Now, when you get too scared, just let your hero know!" Alfred exclaimed.

"We'll see who ends up being the hero..." you mumbled. A half an hour into the movie and it had been nothing but gore, gore... and more gore. The werewolf zombies were massacring an entire town. Meanwhile, Alfred's hand had continuously tightened around your shoulder. It was almost to the point that it was uncomfortable.


"We can turn it off if you—"


Before you even got a chance to realize that the werewolf zombies had torn Casey apart, Alfred wrapped his arms around you and pulled you up onto his lap, holding you against his chest.

"A-Alfred, what the—?!"

"DON'T WORRY! I know you're scared, but I'll hold on to you!" he practically yelled, his eyes still glued to the TV. You guessed that you were gonna have to be his pillow tonight... did he even realize what he was doing?! No, stay calm... there was no use trying to squirm out of his grasp. First of all, you knew that it was hopeless to try to make his strong arms budge. And secondly, you were pretty comfortable being held against him. He was so warm and you felt so secure.

So there you were, sitting sideways on your "best friend's" lap. You took the opportunity to rest your head against his chest...

Boy, was that a mistake.

That's when you realized just how tight his Superman t-shirt was on him. Even in the dim light of the movie, you could clearly see the definitions of his muscles under the shirt. You found yourself blushing again... since when did Alfred get so buff?!

Even his arms were all muscle... which made NO sense! Alfred was possibly one of the biggest gluttons you knew! He ate all the time, yet... before you even realized what you were doing, you ran your hand down the middle of his chest and down to his abs. You let your hand rest there for a moment, feeling what was sure to be a six pack underneath the thin material.

"Um... __________?"

His voice was enough to pull you out of your fascination. You froze, realizing what you had been doing. Oh my god, I was feeling him up! you thought.

"I— uh..." you looked up at him, his blue eyes making you lose focus. You two were so close... you had never been so close to him! "I was just— there was something on your shirt!" you said, pulling your hand off of his abs and pretending to toss something on the floor.

"Oh, really? Thanks," he said, sounding disappointed. He returned his attention back to the movie and held you closer. Suddenly, it felt like you were burning in his grasp. You began to hear the movie again.

"Oh no... I can't get out! SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASE! THEY'RE COMING!"

Lightning flashed, lighting up your entire living room. You turned your head towards the television. A werewolf zombie was banging on the entrance to the victims shed and just as it broke through, the loudest crack of thunder of the entire night rattled your house.


You realized that the screaming wasn't from the TV. Both you and Alfred had been caught by surprise by the weather. Your arms had wrapped around him, and you buried your face into the crook of his neck. The next thing you realized was that only the sound you could hear was that of the pouring rain and Alfred's heart. You slowly lifted your head to realize that you were surrounded by total darkness. The power must've gone out... normally, your fear of the dark would have rendered you helpless, but— he was here.

"Hey, are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine... we just lost power," you replied, unconsciously snuggling closer to him.

"What a bummer... so much for our movie marathon," he said, though he really didn't sound that bummed. More lightning flashed again, making you stiffen. You heard Alfred chuckle, then he began moving his hand up and down your back. "You really don't like thunderstorms, do you?" he asked.

"Not really," you replied softly. His hands felt so nice! Suddenly you felt him shifting under you. He put one arm under your legs and another under your torso. He stood up as if you weighed nothing. "Al— Alfred? What are you doing?!" you asked, wrapping your arms around his neck.

"Taking you to your room, silly. You don't have any windows in there, so that way you don't have to see the lightning," he said.

"I could walk there myself..."

"But what if you tripped or ran into something?"

"The same thing could happen to you... especially since you don't live here and you're in the dark."

"Are you kidding?! Heroes don't—" BANG. Alfred took in a sharp breath. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, OW! My toe!" he cried.

"What were you saying, hero?" you teased.

"Shut up..." he groaned, as he staggered to your room. He placed you on your bed... your cold, empty bed. "Well, that's better! Now you don't have to see the lightning. I'll go back in the living room and sleep on the couch," he said, turning and walking away. You already missed his touch. Missed his warmth. Missed him. Thunder rumbled once more.

"W— Wait! Don't go!" You could faintly make out his silhouette as he stopped and turned towards you. "I mean... I just... I feel safer when you're with me," you said, your voice barely above a whisper.

"Really?" he asked. His voice sounded different. Lower? Your stomach did flips as he walked towards you. You felt him lay down on your bed. "Come here," he said. You snuggled in-between him and his arm, wrapping your arm around his chest. "How do I make you feel safer?" he asked. You felt yourself getting warm again. Really warm.

"Because," you mumbled. He chuckled.

"I won't leave you alone until you tell me why," he teased.

"B-Because... you're my hero," you said softly. You felt Alfred stiffen beneath you. And his lack of response was making you anxious. "Al?"

Before you could even process what was going on, Alfred was hovering over top of you. His face only inches away from yours.

"I love you so much," he said, as his lips met yours for the first time. And it was like they were made for each other. You had dreamed of what his lips would feel like, but your dreams were nothing compared to this. You both broke apart, breathing heavily.

"I love you too."
So, this is *stacyTHEemo, jumping on the bandwagon... OTL

I've fallen in love with some of these reader fics, so I decided to try and write one for myself. It was fun, but the POV was a slight challenge.

I originally got this idea after watching the episode where America makes Japan watch scary movies with him. XD

Either way, if you like reader fics, I hope you enjoyed! If you don't, please don't comment just to tell me that.

Thank you for reading! :heart:
Hero: Part 2 (WARNING: MATURE CONTENT)---> [link] :iconheplz:

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Hetalia Himaruya
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